Who are we serving

contributing to poverty reduction so that they might be better served by the field. . Given the blended return objectives of impact investing, we are disappointed. A case of mismatch between supply and demand. This report from Oxfam and Sumerian Partners questions some of the assumptions around. Oxfam has several programmes that focus on poverty-reducing enterprises which engage marginalized populations through investment and.

For the religious, who do you pray about and in what priority? Equipped with your list of who you serve and your priorities, you should be able. To serve God starts with serving in our families. Daily we work, clean, love, support, listen to, teach, and endlessly give of ourselves to the. 8 Blessings We Get From Serving. By: veronica sexton. We all want our lives to matter. It's the reason we do the things we do. We chase promotions and.

How do you serve a God who has no needs? By receiving from him, moment by moment, all the grace you need for everything he commands. But the Bible says everyone is called to serve God by serving others. “You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful . God did not create us for the purpose of serving Him, as Paul stated when telling the Greeks in If we are to serve God, we must know and follow His standards.