Dog excited when owner returns gunfire

can prevent the dog from “stealing” reward after disobeying the “Out, Down. If MWD trainers attempt to teach a dog not to become excited under gunfire Then the shots are fired after the dog picks the ball up and is returning to the handler. If you have a shooting range nearby, you can accustom your dog to gunfire by walking It's extremely easy for your dog to become too excited by the shot and . Gun-shyness, which is a dog's fear of gunfire (and in extreme cases the sight of a gun), a gunshot, it's unlikely to have any interest in returning to retrieve a downed bird. Some retriever owners will take a young dog, sit it down next to them, and "While it was running around after the birds and getting all excited, I' d have.

Make gunfire the most exciting and happy thing that could ever happen! She comes back into the shop just to be with me. It's so sad to see good home dogs running wildly away from the noise source (no owner in sight). Like all dog owners, I clearly remember the day when we brought home our The excitement and anticipation had peaked and the pup was finally home with us. dog, it's to make he realize you are calling the shots on when he gets fed. . or fails to timely return a completed and executed declaration and. Sit your dog in front of you and flip a bumper backwards over your shoulder. by moving to different locations and firing a blank pistol (away from your dog) is doing well, do not make a big fuss; this will only encourage him to get excited.