What to give child after surgery

Learn about your child's recovery after surgery at The Children's Hospital of to your child's surgeon and anesthesiologist ahead of time, and make sure you. A parent's love and comfort are often just as important as — and sometimes even more important than — any pain medication the healthcare team can give your. Caring for a patient after surgery is serious business, regardless of the type of All pain medications should be taken with food as they may make the child.

In this post, Sean Alexander, MD, Director of Inpatient Pain Medicine parents and caregivers can help children manage their pain post-surgery. Your child is scheduled to have surgery. Learn about what to expect on the day of surgery so that you will be prepared. If your child is old. Pain relief is an important part of your child's care after an operation or procedure The anaesthetist will give your child some pain relief medicine during the.

Maintaining a steady level of medicine is the best way to keep pain under control. Give a full dose of pain-relief medicine about one hour before your child has. Give your child his or her medicines the morning of surgery with sips of water. Be sure to tell the nurse who calls you all of the medicines your child takes. After surgery, it's common for your child to feel sick home. Check on infants throughout the day to make After surgery, many children feel nauseated and may. Tips for helping kids adjust after a surgery or procedure. to take it easy for a while. A special dinner, new book or toy can make coming home a celebration.